Wind found its light - Light found its wind

Collectivity, they’re biomes of bioluminescence. Moving through the undertows and overflows, shielded by an abundance of glow

Colour and light, dance together and then apart. Bound by this unity across the skies, rising over summits, shifting through the valleys and into the seas

          Stillness crashes into chaos resting          

Wind + Light

About this project

Photography, Art Direction, Editing, Set Design, Styling

This project was created purely through imagination where decisions to expand or deviate from creative avenues happened on a moment to moment basis, whether in the studio set, or in post production.

Wind+light started as a photography project and ended up as multi-layered, digital-art. 
If you’re a creative, you would not want to see the working files. The layers are all over the place.

There was a far amount of retraint that had to be applied in Photoshop as the project expanded and ideas started free flowing on where I could take the world and its features. Discovering the impact of the wind and atmosphere are what drove the project from initial concept edits to the final art. 

I thank you for taking the time to view this project. It is my hope you went on a small, but meaningful journey that touched on your imagination.