My name is Andrew and I am a commercial still life and lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne.

It is my belief that good imagery is elevated to something far more impactful when good stories are present.

My key focus is developing these brand stories and ideas.

Each campaign has a different set of goals/challenges, but there are ever consistent ideologies that are ever present to my process -

  • the implementation of details convey a steady, but subtle mood and feeling about products/subjects
  • strong efficiency is deciding how to best reach results by shifting resources between the in-studio or post-production environments
  • a foundational-holistic outlook for each image creates a thread the ties multiple, self-contained stories into a comprehensive one

Services - 

Art direction

Photography brand guidelines
Content strategy
Set Design

I’d love to hear about your next project or campaign. Please use the below links to reach out for rates and any other additional info. Thank you.

On location for “Rifts”